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Our Wanuka Premium City Honey from Wanne-Eickel is our masterpiece with the best quality: Pure or as a sweet spread, it is a successful and healthy taste experience and it refines sweet and savory dishes excellently. Honey has also developed into a trend-setting trend in North Rhine-Westphalia. Because in contrast to many rural areas, according to experts, the urban habitats are for the western honeybees Apis mellifera currently much better designed. Thanks to the lush and varied vegetation, there is plenty of food for the busy honeybees in Wanne-Eickel. We have therefore decided to do so with our Apis mellifera carnica – to fill a subspecies of the western honey bee with this WANUKA premium city honey.

Wanuka Premium City Honey 500g from the city of Wanne-Eickel

  • Fluid
  • Only 16% water content
  • Real city honey from Germany NRW
  • Hand-picked premium quality
  • Harvest 2021
  • Country of origin: Germany

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Our “organic” urban honey Wanuka Premium Honey

Various factors are relevant in the creation and extraction of Wanuka Premium Honey. Of course the bees fly into the urban environment and to where they can find something, so that we cannot completely control whether our bees only fly over organically cultivated areas and plants in gardens and neighbors.

Basically, however, it can be said about our premium honey that we will not advertise an ORGANIC certificate on the jars because it is simply unnecessary. In our opinion, with a product that is 100% natural, we don’t need to tell our consumers that it is 100% natural. The premium Wanuka honey and our bees are the necessary link between the hobby gardener and the environment for the fertility of the plants. As a beekeeper, we therefore cannot avoid campaigning for an ecological environment that does not use harmful pesticides and insecticides for our bees. Our first-class urban honey is generally less contaminated with pesticides than in rural regions, as the gardeners usually use less pesticides themselves than conventional farmers. In addition, the bees visit untouched plant species that grow on balconies, traffic islands, curbs or as weeds on the edges of houses.

Our variety is called “City”

As a rule, the name of the variety is declared that identifies each honey. Our city bees have been proven to collect nectar in the same period and in the same region. Our natural honey is absolutely regional and we completely refrain from adding honey that could come from EU and / or non-EU countries.

Of the Wanuka Premium Honey

The taste, smell, consistency and color of the city honey variety depend on the nectar collected. The summer crops preferred by honey bees such as sunflowers, raspberry bushes, linden or lavender are approached. The Wanuka Premium City Honey tastes from sweet to hearty and the color is mostly golden yellow.
Due to the climatic conditions, planting and flowering time, our natural honey is always a little surprise. Test the quality of our premium honey – we promise! It is regional, it is healthy, it tastes great. It comes from pure handwork.

500g enjoyment with a clear conscience

In our production, the honey is not heated or artificial substances are added so that the honey tastes exactly the same every year. The taste of the honey varies from year to year, just like the weather. Because sometimes there is more linden because the flowering and the weather were particularly good, sometimes there is more acacia. However, our bees collect as much as they can in order to look for the purest possible nectar and thus give us an unmistakable, all-natural honey. Our premium honey has only 16% water content and has therefore matured in the beehive for a very long time. We only fill this honey finely filtered into our distinctive Wanuka honey jar. A premium honey that is second to none is ready.

Honey bees are the new pets

Along with cattle and pigs, bees are among the most important livestock. Unfortunately, the number of bee colonies is falling steadily. The reasons for the acute bee deaths are possibly the widespread use of pesticides, monocultures and the introduction of the Varroa mite . In order to counteract this development, the idea of building a city beekeeping in Wanne-Eickel matured. In the meantime, our project has been crowned with success and the income has grown so large that we can internationalize our sales channels.

Environmental education made easy with the Wanuka Premium City Honey

With the purchase of every single glass you support regional kindergartens and elementary schools. We take children and educators into the fascinating world of honey bees. Bees are important to most of our diverse ecological systems. Both wild and honey bees are threatened in their habitats. It is important to us to introduce children to the fragile world of small pollinator insects.

In an informative, playful and creative way, the children not only learn a lot about the biology of bees and their way of life. You will also learn what importance bees have for us humans, to what extent we benefit from their pollination and where we can help so that there will soon be more flowering habitats for wild and honey bees again.

In order to meet the demands of teachers and educators as well as children of different ages, we will invest in the development of these project days by selling this glass in order to sustainably promote bees in the long term.

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